Ms.Christina Tourin’s harp therapy.

On Sunday of September 9th, We invited Ms.Christina Tourin, U.S.A. San Diego hospice, and the musicotherapy was performed for patients in the palliative care unit of Sanyudo Hospital. She is actively involved in the front lines of the field of musiscotherapy in the world. To have been got the opportunity to take her therapy was a distinct honor for patients, and it was an amazing fortunate thing for the palliative care unit staffs also. We’d like to express our deepest appreciation to Ms. Yuko Ishikawa who is familiar music therapist to our hospital, Yonezawa Kojo Church and Japan Evangelical Lutheran Association which gave us the opportunity.
Ms. Tourin grasped the condition of patients for a little while, and she played the different suitable music for each patient using a harp. Her music not only relieved the patients, their family and even the palliative care unit staffs from their total pain (physical, mental, social and spiritual pain) but also made them comfortable and blissful. The patients given the musicotherapy were impressed and showed their heartfelt thanks to her. There was no language barrier between the patients and her at all. We admired her sublime heart, her skillfulness of the therapy and the grand power of music.


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